CPI chooses ClimateCalc

Valentin GilbertActualités

CPI, the leading European book printer, has chosen to have carbon emissions measured and certified by the Climate Calc methodology at its sixteen sites.

With Scope 1 & 2 emissions already tracked, CPI was looking for the best tool to track Scope 3 emissions with the aim of identifying a path to Scope 3 GHG reduction.  After an extensive study along with Ecograf climate consultants, CPI has chosen ClimateCalc as its software partner.

Mariah Nicol, CPI’s Sustainability lead, said the group wanted to understand in more detail the carbon emissions generated in book manufacturing and what the group can do to work with customers and suppliers to lessen their impact. 

“We are excited by what ClimateCalc can do for us and we’re using it as a springboard to create a CPI Climate Client Report.  This new reporting tool is programmed for release by the end of 2023.  For those customers who want to sign up, we will be able to run reports showing emissions generated when producing publishers’ orders for a defined period, based on the ClimateCalc standard.  Armed with this data, customers will be able to adapt or use it for their own journey to reach the Paris Climate Agreement targets.  Our sales and sustainability teams will be on hand to explore action plans with our clients, be it on the selection of materials and finishing, transportation of books to the delivery point of choice or alternative supply chain models such as ASR or Zero Inventory.”

As part of this process CPI will be audited annually, which is a requirement of the ClimateCalc scheme. 

ClimateCalc is an international calculation tool based on GHG protocol which was developed for the graphic industry and is able to calculate the emission of CO2 from graphic companies and their products according to international standards.

ClimateCalc uses data from internationally recognized databases combined with specific data from the graphics company and product-specific data from the suppliers of the print substrates.

ClimateCalc is jointly owned by European industry organizations associated with Intergraf (including the BPIF, GRAFISKA, GRAKOM, UNIIC, KVGO, FEBELGRA) and the development work is managed by the Danish Grakom.

Grakom is working on a better adaptation of ClimateCalc for different print segments, and CPI is engaged in this exercise with the goal of assisting in the definition of the European industry standard for CO2 reporting for book production & services.