Today, the volume of scientific, technical and academic books printed is gradually shrinking. This decline has affected other aspects of the process, such as distribution and storage costs. In response, CPI offers you full support, with solutions that meet your new needs. They allow you to manage a number of references in small quantities, and distribute/store them more cost-effectively.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the industry

  • Expertise and equipment, guaranteeing perfect manufacturing quality irrespective of the quantity

  • IT solutions, allowing you to manage stock by optimizing production and order processing

Do you need print-on-demand or short print runs?

We can print single copies or small quantities of books in black-and-white or colour, sewn or glued, on different types of paper. When you place your first order, you can prepare your files to be instantly available for print-on-demand (“POD ready”).

This way, a reprint of one or a few copies is a matter of a few clicks, both for you and for us.

Do you need IT solutions to manage your stock?

With our Auto Stock Replenishment (ASR) system, you define minimum stock levels and an automated reprint level, thus eliminating administration costs for your new reprint orders.

We develop bespoke solutions with you that smooth and simplify order transfer and move over time towards lean production: web to print, print to order, and zero stock.

If you need to reprint a book that is no longer being published, manage a back catalogue or respond to ad-hoc requests, print-on-demand is the answer. 

Do you need more capacity for storage, order execution and distribution?

We can offer you stock aggregation, direct delivery and order execution for your national and international markets.

Using our Global Print Solutions®, you simply indicate the quantities your need by market and by country – and that’s all. We take your file and make it available throughout the world so it is printed locally by one of our GPS partners, close to the end user.