In addition to the short run and long run printing that is the essence of CPI, we have developed a set of services that include Print on Demand, Auto Stock Replenishment, Global Print Solutions, and Highway our web-based order management system that lets you track production in real time. Our print expertise and inventory analytics give publishers granular visibility into the full cost of production, supporting overall cost savings through effective stock management, demand planning and full-service distribution delivery. Every customer receives the highest level of quality and service with no exceptions. Our services are here to provide clients with operational support and tailored solutions along with exceptional customer service.

Our offering

There is not one model that fits all, indeed different services will fit one workflow more appropriately and more profitably than another, and many of our customers take advantage of multiple channels.  

Some of the models, such as Auto Stock Replenishment and Zero Inventory is potentially a significant change, but has been proven to deliver sizable savings if strategically, and culturally embraced.  We do not under estimate how challenging internally this could be, and we are well positioned to help support such a transition.

Here are examples of what is available today. This is by no way exhaustive and we have a knowledgeable project development team able to explore, and create additional ways of working if you require.