We help your book stand out

CPI is specialized in exceptional finishes that transform ordinary books into extraordinary works of art. Our wide range of special finishes is designed to make your published works truly stand out from the crowd.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance with foiling, create a tactile experience with embossing, add a burst of color with sprayed edges, achieve unique shapes with die cutting, or enhance the visual appeal with UV varnish, we have the expertise and craftsmanship to bring your vision to life.

With our dedication to quality and attention to detail, we ensure that each finish is flawlessly executed, leaving a lasting impression on readers and book lovers alike. Discover the possibilities with CPI's special finishes and elevate your books to new heights of excellence.


At CPI, we offer a diverse range of special varnishes that will truly elevate your books to the next level. Varnish is a liquid coating applied to a printed surface for protection and appearance. It can be applied to the full print surface or a small section. The final result can be either matt, glossy, super glossy or special effects.


Experience the captivating world of embossing and debossing with CPI's exceptional finishes that add depth and texture to your book covers.

Through the use of metal dies, embossing raises a design, while debossing sinks it into the printed paper, resulting in a permanent reshaping of the area. Combine these techniques with foiling and you have a recipe for elegance and sophistication.

Our irreversible high-relief embossing takes the concept further by creating a more substantial and rigid press


Unlock the full potential of your book's design with CPI's exquisite sprayed edges finishing option.
It involves the process of applying a solid color to one, two, or three edges of a book, creating a visually stunning effect.

Our team of experts is dedicated to achieving the best possible match to any non-metallic Pantone color, ensuring that your book's edges perfectly complement its overall aesthetic. Additionally, we offer the possibility of a metallic or fluorescent finish, adding an extra touch of vibrancy and uniqueness. By extending your design to all sides of the book, including the edges, you create a cohesive and immersive reading experience.

Furthermore, we also offer the option to print an image on the book's fore edge, allowing you to further personalize and customize your book's appearance.


Unleash your creativity with CPI's exceptional die cutting finishing option for books. Die cutting is a process that utilizes specialized tools to meticulously cut out unique shapes, patterns, or designs on book covers, resulting in visually striking and distinctive elements. Whether you desire intricate cutouts, artistic patterns, or custom shapes, our expert team ensures precise execution to bring your vision to life.


Elevate your book's functionality and provide readers with an enhanced reading experience with CPI's special flaps. Flaps are folded extensions of a book's cover that go beyond the edges, offering additional space to showcase valuable information such as a summary, author biography, or endorsements. Whether found on the inside of a dust jacket or paperback cover, cover flaps serve as a practical and convenient feature for both readers and publishers. With CPI's attention to detail and craftsmanship, we ensure that your cover flaps seamlessly integrate with the overall design, adding a touch of professionalism and functionality to your books.