CPI, your book printer in THE UK

CPI Books is the UK’s leading book printing service provider. Our customers benefit from our supply chain solutions and global print network. CPI produces books and journals across multiple channels including; Trade, STMA, Tax, Law, Bibles, Catalogues, as well as Self-Publishing.

CPI offers a set of service models for publishers and self publishers across markets both on a domestic and worldwide basis. Whether you are looking for a Zero Inventory model or a Global Print Solution CPI has a service to suit your business needs. For over 10 years our team has been dedicated to providing clients with industry leading solutions such as Auto Stock Replenishment and CPI continues to work with our partners to provide not only the most up-to-date solutions but those that best support our clients.

We lead the book printing market with the latest deployment of inkjet digital printing technology, integrated warehousing, distribution and supply-chain solutions, thanks to significant investments in digital technology and advanced internal IT solutions. 

CPI Books manufactures across seven sites over 3 different divisions, CPI Books (Trade), CPI Antony Rowe (STMA and Digital), CPI William Clowes (Professional), producing 160 million books every year, as well as countless journals and loose-leaf products. 

Each site specialises in its own market and collectively we seamlessly print from single copy order Print on Demand (PoD) to a million copies of the latest best seller, and everything in between.

As part of the wider group CPI has 16 printing factories spread out over 5 countries (France, the UK, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic). With an impressive heritage – a rich industrial past, featuring prestigious books printers such as Firmin-Didot in France (1713), Ebner & Spiegel in Germany (1817) or Mackays in the United Kingdom (1857). Today, at the heart of the transition to digital, the company combines its industrial power with innovative computerised solutions to create even more value for its customers. 


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