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Today, almost all technical documentation, user manuals and product catalogues exist in a digital version accessible via the Web. Nevertheless, there are still many cases where a printed document remains essential: it is practical, robust and easy to share. It also permanently reinforces the image of manufacturers and companies.

CPI has 16 printing houses in Europe linked by a common customer interface and equipped with the latest printing and forwarding technology: its expertise is at your service.


  • For our powerful position in Europe
  • For our substantial printing expertise
  • For our innovative IT solutions

Do you need printing near to your different markets?

Our 16 printing houses located throughout Europe can meet your needs in terms of proximity and speed. The network optimizes both your delivery times and your transport costs.

We are located near all your markets.

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Manufacturing strength at your service

Do you need a reliable partner?

CPI is a printer with a long-term vision, supported by a robust industrial strategy and a stable shareholder base. The Group is owned 52% by Impala (a diversified Group with holdings in energy, manufacturing, brands and asset management) and 25% by the French Public Investment Bank (Banque Publique d’Investissement).


We devote 10% of our turnover each year to modernizing our manufacturing equipment and our IT systems. Our aim is to offer you the highest quality and the best service every day.

Do you need to simplify the management of your printed documents?

Our IT solutions are set up to make printing easier for you. They allow you to automate ordering completely, to access easily all the production schedules in the Group’s factories, and to track your current production in real time.


We have our own development teams and design bespoke solutions on demand that can interface with your own.

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