Print on demand

Print-on-demand is today a major trend in the book market. Practical and cheap, it has found its niche, profiting from the rise in self-publishing, the move by some publishing houses to revive their back catalogue, and in particular from the need to reduce stock.

Apart from just manufacture, our teams have developed a set of solutions so that you can print a single book simply and cheaply, in black and white or colour.


  • For its expertise in print-on-demand
  • For its know-how and its manufacturing quality
  • For its simple IT solutions

Do you need a partner expert in POD?

CPI was one of the first to develop print-on-demand in Europe at the beginning of this century, with the English printer Antony Rowe. Our research & development teams have worked for years to evolve and refine the model, offering you quality solutions that are increasingly cost effective. Today, we have three production sites (Firmin-Didot in France, Antony Rowe in England and Buchbücher in Germany) that cover all your print-on-demand needs, no matter where you are.

livre impression a la demande

Do you need help with the technical aspects?

Print-on-demand does not mean discount printing. Even for a single book, you have access to all that CPI offers: hard-bound, paperback, black-and-white or colour. The book in no way differs from the works we produce in long print runs. We use the same modern, high-performing equipment, and our teams apply the same inspection and quality criteria.

Do you need a simple way to manage your POD orders?

Our IT solutions are the essential corollary to the growth of POD. They process the workflow automatically, from order production to dispatch. We have a set of high-performing applications that significantly facilitate and accelerate production, and give you an overall view of your order at any moment. These IT solutions also allow us to interconnect our various POD printing houses and our partners abroad using the GPS, so we can offer you a service that is ever faster and more efficient.