Global Print Solutions

At a time when electronic media makes your content available immediately throughout the world, can the book still respond to the challenge? How do we ensure that people can still access books simply and economically?

Global Print Solutions was created at the request of some of our customers. It allows you to send your work easily and cheaply across the entire world. It has now been tried and tested over a number of years, and found favour with many publishers.


  • For its international network of printing houses
  • Because its processes are simpler
  • Because it is flexible and reliable

Do you need the best global print network?

GPS has partnerships throughout the world with leading digital-printing professionals, and offers you a unique and transparent service: “one order, one invoice, one file”. This solution has been developed with top printing experts: BR Print, Sheridan and Publishers Graphics in the United States, Griffin Press and Ligare in Australia, Replika Press in India, and Markono in Singapore.

Do you need a simpler and cost-effective process?

With CPI, there is no need to place several orders for the same book to have it delivered in different countries. Everything becomes simpler: you place a single order, showing the quantities you need in each region.
We make your file available throughout the world so it is printed locally by one of our GPS partners, close to the end user. Your books (paperback, hard cover, sewn or spiral-bound) are manufactured by our partners following identical inspection and quality criteria.



Do you need a solution that combines economy, quality and security?

With GPS, you have three advantages:

  1. Less expensive: your delivery costs are lower because you print near the recipient
  2. Simpler: one invoice, one contact
  3. More reliable: CPI guarantees you trustworthy and reliable partners with whom they have worked for several years.