Independent Publishers & Authors

CPI Books has been offering authors a Self-Publishing service for over twenty years. At CPI we print over 2,500,000 paperbacks and 300,000 hardbacks each week for a wide range of customers, including many of the UK’s leading publishing houses.

So you may be wondering why we’d be in interested in printing your book. Ask “Why wouldn’t we be interested?” We are proud to support all publishers, from the smallest to the largest, we provide our extensive service to over 1,500 customers, from just one title, to many thousands.

Our team working with you will treat you like any other customer, no compromise on quality, no compromise on service. Your book won’t look out place on the shelves in your local independent book store, or in Waterstones. Our production values are extremely high and we pride ourselves on the quality of a CPI produced book. Our production facilities serve Publishers such as HarperCollins, Pan Macmillan, Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury (home to Harry Potter) and Faber & Faber (home to Booker Prize winners) and hopefully your books too!

  • UK leading experience and expertise

  • Quality production facilities

  • Short delivery times

About self-publishing

Congratulations, you have decided to write and publish your own book in the fastest growing market sector of the publishing industry.

Firstly, who is you book aimed at? Is it for family and friends or are you going to be the next big sci-fi or crime writer? Is your passion history, or business, or are you going to take us on an adventure into a whole new Galaxy? Whatever the genre, you will need to find and market to your audience to give your book the best chance of success.

How to publish your book

  1. Write your book
  2. Find someone to print your book (fortunately you have found us)
  3. Have a cover designed
  4. Work out where you are going to sell the book
  5. Get your book edited and formatted
  6. Research your market
  7. Print your book
  8. Have a glass of bubbly to celebrate your self-published book
  9. Register your book
However, you may prefer for all these stages to be collectively provided for you by our partner. We work in close association with The Self-Publishing Partnership (SPP) who can advise and manage the whole process (except for the glass of bubbly!). See Self Publishing Partnership for more information, and they will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.