CPI Ventures into Sustainable Transportation with New Electric Artic Lorry

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In a significant stride towards sustainable logistics, CPI, in collaboration with Swain Group and Volvo, have announced a pioneering investment in a fully electric artic lorry. This strategic partnership marks a bold step towards reducing our carbon emissions and embracing alternative transportation solutions.

CPI have been exploring greener alternatives to the transportation of our publishers books. By joining forces with Swains Group, a leader in logistics solutions, and Volvo, a pioneer in electric vehicle technology, CPI aims to set new standards for eco-conscious transportation in the publishing industry.

Cameron Macaulay, Operations Director at CPI Books Chatham: “At CPI we understand the critical role businesses play in mitigating climate change. Our investment in this fully electric artic lorry underscores our dedication to sustainability and reinforces our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.”

The electric artic lorry, a collaborative effort between Swains Group and Volvo, represents a revolutionary advancement in freight transportation. Powered entirely by renewable electricity, the vehicle offers a clean and efficient alternative to traditional diesel-powered lorries.

Furthermore, this investment is projected to yield substantial environmental benefits, including a reduction of approximately 75 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. Such a significant carbon saving underscores the tangible impact of transitioning to electric vehicles.

“We are proud to partner with CPI and Volvo in this groundbreaking initiative,” remarked David Emslie, Group Sales Director Swain Group. “This collaboration exemplifies our shared commitment to sustainability and innovation in the transportation industry. Together, we aim to drive positive change and pave the way for a greener future.”

Volvo, renowned for its expertise in electric vehicle technology, brings cutting-edge innovation to the collaboration. Their contribution to the development of the electric artic lorry signifies a significant milestone in the advancement of sustainable transportation solutions.

“We are delighted to collaborate with CPI and Swains Group in introducing this fully electric artic lorry,” Steve Moon Truck Sales Director at MC Truck “Our electric vehicle technology, combined with the expertise of our partners, enables us to deliver high-performance, sustainable solutions that address the environmental challenges facing the transportation sector.”

The introduction of the fully electric artic lorry marks a transformative moment in the publishing industry, signalling a shift towards greener and more sustainable practices. Through strategic partnerships and innovative technologies, CPI, Swains Group, and Volvo are leading the charge towards a cleaner, more environmentally-conscious future for book manufacturing and publishing.