A POD solution for Eurospan’s client publishers

Valentin Gilbert Actualités

Eurospan is now live and fully operational with CPI,
for paperback and hardback print-on-demand services.

CPI and Eurospan have been working together for several months to offer a print-on-demand
solution to Eurospan’s client publishers, providing access to CPI’s print-on-demand services and
Global Print Solution (GPS) network.

CPI is world-leading in its print-on-demand capabilities, offering single copy book production in the
UK, Germany and France, and through its GPS network of printers, access to printing in Australia,
Singapore, India, South Africa and North America.

CPI’s print-on-demand solution offers a range of book printing services for authors and publishers.
Their state-of-the-art printing facilities allow you to print your books however you wish. Whether
you are printing a hardback textbook or a full-colour booklet, their teams have developed a set of
solutions to guide you through the process.

How does it work? CPI hold the print-ready files on their system and when an order is placed for
a book, it will be printed. Because of its flexibility, the print-on-demand model has become the
preferred choice for many publishers around the world.

Switching to POD for your titles is a good way to minimise stock-holding, reduce costs in both
shipping and stock processing at freight forwarders, and minimise the environmental impact caused
by paper wastage and transporting of books.


  • Quick Delivery Times
  • No Costly Inventory of Freight
  • Environmentally Friendly