Auto stock replenishment

Stock management is a growing concern for many publishers. It is becoming more and more costly and complex to combine the increasing number of titles with the need to keep all of them available for sale.

Our Auto Stock Replenishment (ASR) solution gives you a simpler way to manage stock. You can define minimum stock levels and an automated reprint level for each title. The printed works are then delivered by us to your distribution centres or elsewhere, as you require.
You benefit from a 100%-optimized, lean solution.


  • You have the ability to rationalize stock
  • Significantly reduce your management costs
  • Your books are always available

Do you need to reduce your stock?

With ASR, you stock only the minimum quantity necessary to fulfil immediate orders. You thus reduce the problems associated with stock: you tie up less cash, you lose less in remaindered stock, you need less storage space – and so pay less for it.



Do you need to simplify your stock management?

By automating the placing of orders, you save a lot more than money. ASR offers you the ideal solution to reduce your stock-related management costs. This gives you more time to concentrate on your core business.

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Do you need titles that are always available for sale?

ASR gives you a simple way both to keep titles in stock economically and to extend the life of books with low turnover.