With its simplicity and quality, our eBook Solution can introduce you to new readers and increase your turnover. CPI offers you a complete, integrated solution: when we receive the files you want printed, we convert your work into EPUB format and distribute it via all the major online bookstores. You will receive a detailed sales report and commission on each eBook sold.


  • One-stop solution: printing, conversion and distribution

  • Quality eBooks irrespective of the tablet/reader

  • Simple access to the biggest online bookstores

  • Specified payment for each eBook

Do you need more transparency and simplicity?

Throughout the whole process (composition, conversion, distribution and invoicing), you will work with just a single contact: CPI. Our solution guarantees you greater simplicity and more time saved.

Do you need help with the technical aspects?

We start with your PDF, InDesign or Word files, or even with scanned document data, and produce an eBook compatible with all the online sales platforms. Apart from the straightforward conversion, we take great care with the quality of your work. This means not just the software and technology, but also expert typographic skills.

Do you need to publish fast?

We take charge of putting your file online on all the largest online distribution platforms and bookstores. If you choose CPI, you have access to great exposure with minimum effort.